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Below the radar above yourself

Practice-oriented investigative training for organizations and companies. Safe, effective and efficient. One language in secrecy and worldwide deployability.

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Focus on working covertly

Our courses emphasize covert working with a focus on confidentiality and discretion. We train participants in effective methods and techniques to operate inconspicuously and protect confidential information. Our training courses are based on the practice of the client. Experienced teachers, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), guide the participants. This enables them to operate with confidence and competence in sensitive situations.



  • Complete training program of 15 working days

  • Theory and practice combined

  • Ongoing case studies as a basis

  • Advanced Non-Police Behavior

  • Defensive and offensive strategies

  • Fully operational in a team

  • Confidential and exclusive topics

  • Aimed at observers from A to Z

  • Practical application of knowledge

  • Detailed information prior to participation



  • Practical exercises

  • Five-day intensive training

  • Location reconnaissance and monitoring

  • Use of sense-enhancing aids

  • Optimization of observation vehicles

  • Defensive non-police behavior

  • Detailed and specific training

  • Professional instructors

  • Hands on learning experience


VSA-L 3 

(USA-L1+VSA-L2 is required)

  • Intensive 5-day training

  • Theory and practice integrated

  • Development of Conversation & influencing strategies

  • Focus on non-police base and advanced techniques

  • Acquisition of 'offensive' information

  • Microexpression reading and behavior analysis

  • Placing (GPS) beacons during the day and at night

  • Laws and regulations regarding beacon use

  • Interaction with training actors and behaviorist

  • Realistic role plays

  • Continuous practice and final practice


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Practical training courses

Safe, effective and efficient

Global employability


Fellenoordstraat 62

4811TJ Breda

085 0601778

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